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CDC and MSHHS guidelines

To the subject at hand...We are closed due to the current crisis. We will take it day by day. We assure you we will be open as soon as it is legally possible! Be kind to one another

CDC and MSHHS guidelines

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After hearing bowling centers will be forced to stay closed, in Michigan,  at least through the end of May, Vision Lanes will start paying out ALL leagues starting as soon as possible. All league bowlers will be hearing of their payoff next week. Thank you for your patience❤️

I have the utmost respect and love for every Vision Lanes customer? May God Bless you during this lockdown.

Steven W. Klein

Proud New Home of THE Hamtramck Singles Classic.
If you have never bowled the Hamtramck Singles Classic before now is a good chance to start! The tournament runs from January 4th 2020- July26th, 2020.

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